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Zen Living Natural Sponge - Eco-Friendly Scrub Sponges for Kitchen - Non Scratch Odor Free Biodegradable Plant Based Scrubber Pads for Cleaning Dishes - Best Wooden Pulp Sponge (Brown-White, 12 Pack)

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Original price $16.10
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Break through the toughest grease, stains, and stuck-on food with the powerful scrubbing action of Zen Living Plant-Based Sponges! Finally, a naturally hygienic way to keep your cookware, kitchen, bathroom, and home clean & tidy. Each pack includes 12 plant-based fiber sponges made from wood cellulose and coconut fiber. Yes, that’s right! You’re cleaning with coconuts, washing with wood, and plant-based fibers and held together by recycled fibres. Rinse each natural cellulose sponge thoroughly after each use and allow them to dry completely open to the air. You can also run sponges through a cycle in the dishwasher on the top rack. Some people prefer to microwave theirs for up to 30 seconds—make sure the sponge is wet; otherwise, it can catch on fire and burn in the microwave.
  • BIG VALUE 12 PACK SPONGES: Get more from your natural sponge with the scrubbing action of Zen Living. Our natural cleaning sponges come in a premium 12 bulk pack so you get more for your money plus long-lasting durability and cleansing action in each one. Reuse it over and over without collecting bad odors.
  • NATURAL CELLULOSE & FIBER: We use only the highest quality natural coconut fibre and wood cellulose in the production of these natural sponge scrubbers. This kind of organic material doesn’t collect bad odor and dirt like other plastic sponges and cleaning cloths.
  • DISHWASHING SOAP FRIENDLY: Just one pump or squeeze of dish soap creates a rich, foamy lather for deep cleaning. Our multi-tool sponges effortlessly wipe away dirt and keep dishes, countertops, sinks, bathtubs, and toilets looking fresh & amazing!
  • MULTIPURPOSE SPONGE – When you're done using our plant-based sponge, you can separate the two halves. You can throw the white cellulose portion into the compost, while the coconut-based scrubber can be disposed. Our packaging is fully recyclable and the sponges are a great alternative.
  • DURABLE AND TOUGH SCRUBBING: Scour and scrub through even the toughest grease and stuck-on food with ease. Our natural dish sponge is sturdy and well made. A tough but non-scratch scouring pad alleviates hard tasks and chores like scrubbing pots & pans, cleaning walls, and washing the floor.