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Yegee Powerful Vertuo Cleaning Pods and Capsules Cleaner Kit - for Coffee Machines - Made from 100% Plant-Based 1st Grade Formula - Includes 6 Cleaning Capsules Only Compatible with Vertuo

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  • PRECISION CLEANING: Do you know that your coffee maker contains harmful organic materials and residues that can harm your health? Your coffee machine probably has these inside the dark and moist parts, that means you and your family are drinking UNSAFE coffee. Clean your machine's precision brewing components with Vertuo compatible cleaning capsules that will automatically clean the parts of your machine and provides ultimate precision cleaning.
  • TACKLES AND REMOVES TOUGH STAINS: This unique formula can effectively remove coffee stains, traces of oil, and impurities from the brewer and various internal parts of the coffee maker. Enjoy your clean, fresh coffee maker with capsules that can also remove peculiar odors. Your machine will last for days, even weeks, with each cleaning capsule. This capsule will allow you to maintain your machine's expensive parts and remove oily buildup from old coffee, so you can make delicious coffee.
  • ECO FRIENDLY: Cleaner capsules are completely safe - non-toxic and gentle on your brewer because it is made from 100% food additives. Using phospholipid components such as Rice bran extract, soybean lecithin, and grapefruit seed extract, the capsules create strong carbonated bubbles inside the machine for 5 minutes, breaking down grease inside the machine and effectively removing it with water. No harmful ingredients such as bleaching, preservatives, and artificial flavor
  • EASY TO USE: no need to mix measure or stir. Simply remove the top aluminum of the cleaning capsule and place the cleaning pod into the machine in the same manner that you would brew coffee and press the button to create a small cup of coffee. When your machine is done brewing, remove the capsule and rinse by brewing just water one more time. Keep the machine maintained and extend its lifespan by using it regularly
  • COMPATIBLE MACHINES: these Cleansing capsules are compatible with the following machines: vertuo - virtuo plus - vertuo next - delonghi and crups vertuo machines. A variety of devices are incompatible such as original capsules machines