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Urnex Tabz Coffee Brewer Cleaning Tablets, 30 Count

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Tabz coffee brewer cleaning tablets, 30 4g tablets per jar - A dirty coffee machine can undo all of the time, effort and expense that you've put into developing your coffee shop. You've hired skilled baristas, selected the best coffee beans and acquired the best equipment, so why serve beverages that are tainted by the presence of stale or rancid coffee oil residue? Simply cleaning your machine at the end of each business day makes all of your other efforts go that much further towards the success of your business. - Tabz Coffee Brewer Cleaning Tablets remove coffee oil residue that's built up on servers and in brew baskets. These tablets are easy to use and dose and are formulated with a blue dye helps to ensure proper rinsing within a busy service environment.
  • Tabz tablets offer one step cleaning for coffee brewers and servers
  • Optimizes portion control and cleaning
  • Contains blue dye to ensure proper rinsing
  • Tablet format elimanates dust, waste and operator error
  • Tabz can also be used for back flushing espresso machines