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Organic Swiss Water Process Decaf Cold Brew Coffee Coarse Ground 1 LB - Dark Roast Coarse Grind - Doesn't Taste Like Decaf! - 100% Arabica Single Origin Beans – By Stack Street

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Calling all coffee aficionados! It’s time to ditch the coffee filters! Making the most delicious cup of cold brew coffee is easy with Stack Street Organic Ground Coffee. You don’t have to be a barista to capture the bold flavor of cold brew coffee. You don’t have to go to a pricey coffee shop or café to get it. You can easily make it at home. All of our coffee grounds are made using premium quality coffee beans that are carefully sourced. Beans are dark roast and coarsely ground, making it ideal for cold brew and iced coffee. Start your day the right way with Stack Street coffee!PRODUCT FEATURES: 1 Pound Bag of Ground Coffee 100% Arabica – Organic Single Origin Colombian Supremo Certified Kosher Handcrafted Micro Roast USDA Organic Stand Up Pouch – 3-Layer PE + Aluminum Foil Bag PREMIUM TASTE PROFILEOur pre-ground single-origin coffee beans provide the perfect flavor profile. A coarse ground helps you get the most flavor from our beans and it’s easy to brew. Filtered water will give your coffee a cleaner flavor than tap water and it may give the coffee a sweeter taste. It’s the perfect way to start a hot summer day. Our coffee grounds are the best quality you can buy. Your taste buds will thank you later!Available in Colombian Flavor or Crank High Voltage FlavorHOW TO MAKE COLD BREWUsing French Press:1. Add ground coffee and cold, filtered water to French Press. We recommend a 5:1 ratio of water and coffee. (e.g. 4 cups of water to 1 cup of ground coffee)2. Stir, Cover and leave in fridge overnight.3. After 12 hours press and enjoy!Using a Mason Jar:1. Add ground coffee and cold, filtered water to the jar. We recommend a 5:1 ratio of water and coffee.2. Stir, cover with a lid and leave in fridge overnight.3. After 12 hours, strain coffee using a fine mesh strainer and/or cheesecloth and enjoy!
  • GOURMET COFFEE: Calling all cold brew and iced coffee lovers! Stack Street cold brew ground coffee is handcrafted, flavorful, aromatic and made using premium quality coffee beans. Pour over ice and enjoy!
  • SOURCED RESPONSIBLY: Stack St. gets coffee direct from growers without middle-men. Our coffee is all natural and certified USDA organic, without synthetic fertilizers or chemicals, meaning cleaner beans, and ultimately a cleaner planet!
  • DARK ROAST & COARSE GROUND: Our dark roast coffee grounds are perfect for making premium coffee at home. Make it with your French press and filtered water or make it using a mason jar. A coarse grind makes it ideal for cold brew.
  • RESEALABLE FRESHNESS BAG: Our special packaging keeps the grounds fresh and makes it easy to store. A 3-layer PE and aluminum foil bag with a one-way valve maintains the quality and aroma. Grounds are packed by our highly trained artisans.