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Nespresso Vertuo Compatible Descaling Solution. Eco-Friendly Formula to Clean & Descale Your Nespresso Vertuoline Machine. 2 Uses per Bottle, 2 Pack. Carbon Neutral Vertuo Descaling Kit.

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  • SUSTAINABLE PLANT POWER! Thoroughly clean and protect your Nespresso Vertuoline machine with this vegan, sustainable, and BPA-FREE descaling solution. Made from 100% Vegan, Plant-Base Citric Acid.
  • ECO FRIENDLY OPTION: Our Vertuo descaling solution is specially formulated to clean and descale your machine while being eco-friendly. It's safe for your environment and will leave your Nespresso Vertuo with a fresh, new taste.
  • FULL VERTUOLINE COMPATIBILITY: Use the Roobi Descaler for Vertuo Machines in all models of Nespresso Vertuo machines. You can even use it in Nespresso Originaline machines.
  • IMPROVE THE TASTE OF YOUR COFFEE: Clean the interior components of your Vertuoline machine and remove impurities and old coffee residue from the brewing system. Which affect the taste of your coffee. Bring coffee taste back!
  • 1 YEAR OF DESCALING POWER: This package comes with 2 bottles Nespresso Vertuo descaling solution, for a total of 4 uses. Descale every 3 months and you get a full year of descaling power.