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Nespresso Compatible Vertuo Cleaning & Descaling Kit. Includes 1 Bottle of Descaling Solution, 6 Cleaning Tablets and 1 Reusable Pod. Carbon Neutral Vertuo Maintenance Kit. 6 Month Supply.

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  • SUSTAINABLE PLANT POWER! Thoroughly clean and protect your Nespresso Vertuoline machine with this vegan, sustainable, and BPA-FREE descaling solution and cleaning tablets. Made from 100% Vegan, Plant-Base Citric Acid.
  • ENVIROMENTALLY SAFE: Our Vertuo cleaning and descaling kit is specially formulated to clean and descale your machine while being eco-friendly. It's safe for your environment and will leave your Nespresso Vertuo with a fresh, new taste.
  • IMPROVE THE TASTE OF YOUR COFFEE: Clean the interior components of your Vertuoline machine and remove impurities and old coffee residue from the brewing system. Which affect the taste of your coffee. Bring coffee taste back!
  • INCREASES LIFE OF MACHINE: Descaling and cleaning not only improves the taste of your coffee, but it also extends the life of your machine. By using our kit regularly, you can keep your Nespresso coffee maker running like new for years to come.
  • 6 MONTHS MAINTENANCE KIT: This package comes with 1 bottle Nespresso Vertuo descaling solution, for a total of 2 uses, 6 Vertuo cleaning tablets and 1 Vertuo reusable pod.