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Modern Mammals Light Shampoo Bar - Gentler Wash for Better Hair, Minimalist Hair Care for Men, Low Lather, Conditioner, Sensitive Scalps, No Poo, Vegan, Natural Ingredients, Fragrance-Free (2.4oz Bar)

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  • LIGHTER & GENTLER THAN SHAMPOO: Shampoo Light leaves your hair in better shape after each wash. The pH balanced bar means your hair and scalp won't get dried out. It's perfect for the daily washer or sweaty athlete. And great for the whole family.
  • BETTER FEELING HAIR: Hate dry, poofy, fluffy shampoo hair? Our product lets your hair retain more natural moisture, leaving hair feeling strong and moisturized (think fresh surfer hair). Keep your hair in its natural balance and keep your routine simple with one single bar for great hair days. No poof, frizz-free, flake-free.
  • MINIMALIST LOW SUDS HAIRCARE: Made from vegan, naturally-derived ingredients. Easy to take to the gym or in your suitcase.
  • SAFER INGREDIENTS, FRAGRANCE-FREE: No fragrances, dyes, or silicones. Sulfate and paraben free. This shampoo alternative is designed to prevent irritation as much as possible, making it great for daily use. It’s a gentler alternative and fan favorite for parents and their toddlers and babies.
  • PREVENTS DRY, ITCHY SCALPS: This isn’t harsh on your scalp. The gentler wash and balanced pH don’t over-dry your scalp, preventing flakes from ruining your great hair day. Gentler for people with sensitive scalp concerns.