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Hair Shampoo Henna Red (Mahogany) - Colour and Shine - 300 Ml / Natural & Organic

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Specially formulated for mahogany coloured hair. Contains a mixture of henna and sunflower extracts that revive and protect the colour. Suitable for any hair type, whether natural or dyed. You will achieve natural colour and shine. Results: Protects and revives the hair colour. Provides shine and brightness. Soft, healthy hair. Henna Henna is a plant with a whitish bark and yellowish white or slightly reddish pink flowers. Henna leaves contain tannins, quinone, flavonoids and lawsone. In cosmetics it is used as a natural hair dye. In addition, its tannin content gives it astringent and strengthening properties for the skin and the hair. Sunflower Plant with a herbaceous stem, heart-shaped leaves and large, yellow flower heads. It contains flavonglucosides, anthocyaninic glucosides, xanthophyll, choline, betaine, sapogenin and chlorogenic acid. In cosmetics, sunflower seed extract is used as it is rich in polyphenols, to protect the colour of natural and dyed hair against the aggression of ultraviolet rays and free radicals.
  • Vibrant Mahogany Hue: Experience the allure of mahogany-red hair with this specialized Henna Red Hair Shampoo, designed to infuse rich color and enhance your hair's natural shine.
  • Achieve a double benefit with this shampoo that not only imparts beautiful mahogany tones but also adds a lustrous shine, giving your hair a radiant and captivating appearance.
  • Formulated with natural and organic henna extracts, this shampoo enriches your hair with color while nurturing it with botanical goodness, resulting in vibrant and healthy-looking locks.
  • The gentle cleansing action of this shampoo ensures that your hair and scalp are treated with care, maintaining your hair's moisture balance and leaving it feeling soft and manageable.
  • Chemical-Free Brilliance: Embrace the power of nature with this chemical-free and organic hair shampoo, offering a safe and eco-friendly alternative for achieving stunning henna-red hair.