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ecoHiny Premium & Soft Bamboo Toilet Paper | 12 Mega Rolls, 3 PLY & 350 Sheets | FSC Certified, Flushable, Septic Safe & BPA Free | Eco Friendly & Tree Free Toilet Tissues | Plastic Free Packaging

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Original price $26.99
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  • SOFT, STRONG AND GENTLE ON YOUR SKIN: The ultimate combination of luxury and durability! With a softness that feels like a cloud and the strength of our Bamboo superhero, our 3 PLY Bamboo toilet paper rolls are here to save the day. Hypoallergenic, BPA free, and Elemental Chlorine Free, Scent Free, Ink Free, and just pure, pristine cleanliness for every skin type. Prepare for a wiping experience so plush, you'll feel royal with a truly soft toilet paper!
  • LASTS LONGER: Packing a whopping 350 sheets and twice the absorption power, it'll outlast the competition like a marathon runner on a roll. Individually wrapped toilet paper ensures freshness wherever you roam—be it in the wild outdoors, on a boat, or in an RV adventure. And let's not forget the bamboo core, a sturdy 4 cm diameter wonder that makes installation a breeze. Say goodbye to pesky cores that cling on for dear life!
  • AFFORDABLE PREMIUM QUALITY: Our optimized supply chain and mission-driven approach has resulted in an affordable premium quality organic toilet paper. 100% natural and sustainable bamboo goodness that won't break the bank. But that's not all! Not only premium quality, this 3 ply toilet paper is flushable and septic safe toilet paper (applicable as RV toilet paper) - no plumbing nightmares here, folks. Enjoy a guilt-free wipe with every roll!
  • RESPONSIBLY SOURCED, PACKAGED & DELIVERED: Sourced ethically from FSC-certified bamboo farms, wipe with a clear conscience. Our packaging is plastic-free and crafted from recycled materials, giving those used resources a well-deserved second chance. But wait, there's more! Our earth friendly toilet paper is biodegradable, sustainable, and recyclable, with a carbon footprint offset of more than 100%. It's climate and eco-friendly, that even Mother Nature is giving us a standing ovation.
  • At ecoHiny, we're walking the eco-walk—preferably on a trail made of biodegradable toilet paper! Our core belief? Be the change you want to see in the world, but with a sense of humor. We're on a mission to build a sustainable planet and we want you to join the fun! By using our products, you're doing your small part in creating a better future. Let's make sustainability cool and leave a lasting impact for generations to come. Together, we're turning the world green, one cheeky step at a time!