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Eco Friendly Laundry Detergent Sheets (100 sheets 200 loads) - Plant based Free and Clear Strips for HE machine, travel, home clothes washing (Fresh Linen)

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Original price $17.99
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Sojourner Laundry Detergent strips Sojourner offers a new solution to laundry! Our detergent sheets are a powerful, ultra-concentrated solution for your laundry with uncompromising cleaning power. This allows us to eliminate plastic, save on water, and stop the burning of thousands of barrels of oil due to shipping weight while saving you space and mess at home. We use only the safest ingredients without giving up any cleaning ability. Wash like normal and your clothes will thank you and so will the earth. Your laundry will come out clean, fresh, and like new.
  • ULTRA CLEANING STRENGTH - Good things do come in small packages. Our sheets will leave your clothes fresh and clean with it's safe ingredients and powerful clean
  • ZERO WASTE - Our packaging & design saves space, mess and keeps plastic out of the ocean while eliminating carbon and oil due. Every box has 50 or 100 loads of use.
  • Our soap easily dissolves in water and will work in any standard washing machine / washer. Add a laundry strip and relax!
  • SENSITIVE SKIN SAFE - Paraben-free, phosphate free, bleach free, dye-free. Kid Friendly. Mom Approved!
  • SAVE SPACE - Powerful cleaning power in a small package. Our ultra powerful laundry sheets works as well as the leading detergents every wash. Don't compromise for clean. Perfect for when you are traveling.