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Caffenu | Coffee Machine Cleaner Tablets | 100 x 0.04 oz Tablets | Coffee Machine Cleaning tablets used every 100 cups | Auto, Filter & Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets | Used with Descaling

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  • 💎 BENEFITS TO YOUR MACHINE - These coffee machine cleaning tablets have many benefits and can be used on many items to clean. Primarily used as coffee machine cleaner tablets, these Caffenu cleaning tablets remove dirty coffee oils, odours and bitter tannins that are collected within brewing units pots and filters. These espresso cleaning tablets can increase the life span of your coffee and help bring back that perfect coffee taste, works well in assistance with your Nespresso descaler kit.
  • ✅ HOW TO USE - To use these cleaning tablets for coffee machine it is vital to follow the cleaning instructions as per your respective manufacturer’s user manual. This will allow you to optimise these coffee machine cleaning products. With its powerful degreasing agent, it cleans coffee appliances like no water or coffee machine descaler solution can. With this product being used for various coffee machines and utensils, follow the respective instructions for optimal effectiveness.
  • 👉 SUITABLE FOR FULLY AUTOMATIC, ESPRESSO & FILTER COFFEE MACHINES - These Nespresso Machine cleaner tablets, can not only be used with a Nespresso descaling kit, but used in many other coffee accessories. Suitable for Thermo Flasks, Coffee Pots, Portafilters, Filters, Handles, Holders, Trays and Cups. Helpful espresso machine accessories. Can be used as Sage coffee machine accessories as they are barista accessories compatible with all fully automatic of espresso machines.
  • ❗ WHEN TO USE - For best results and to keep your espresso machine cleaner, use after every 100 cups of coffee made or at least once a month. Clear instructions in manual on how to use for each respective coffee machine or accessory. Often used as part of a Nespresso cleaning kit, used to enhance the taste of your coffee. Used for commercial coffee machines. Store in a cool, dry area and away from foodstuffs. Can be used as Sage coffee machine cleaning tablets.
  • ☕ CAFFENU - Caffenu provides innovative solutions to care for, clean & maintain your home coffee machines. Caffenu has a diverse product range which facilitates every coffee brand out there in different ways. Caffenu has a unique capability of offering both a coffee machine cleaner and descaler, whilst focusing on pushing the horizon in optimising your coffee experience. Caffenu's product range is used to clean all coffee machine accessories, highlighting the value of the perfect cup of coffee.