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Boarding Pass Coffee Brazilian Specialty Light Roast Coffee Smooth and Easy to Drink - Whole Bean Blond (12 oz)

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Original price $17.50
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  • {FROM OUR FARM TO YOUR HOME} – from our family’s farm in Brazil to your home. Enjoy this single origin and single estate coffee for breakfast, afternoon coffee, or evening treat, our coffee is grown with love and taking care of during the whole harvest process till the roasting of the green beans in Atlanta, GA. Direct trade coffee and fair-trade coffee
  • {SMOOTH EASY TO DRINK COFFEE} - You cup of joe, caffeine, cappuccino espresso, brew, decoction, demitasse, ink, java, mocha, mud, perk, café, café au lait, café noir, hot stuff, jamocha, high octane, liquid gold, brain juice, cuppa, jitter juice, leaded, liquid energy, rocket fuel, wakey juice, bean juice, no matter how you called it we want to make it even more enjoyable to you, sharing our family’s coffee with you.
  • {NOT BITTER AND NATURALLY SMOOTH} - You can brew our coffee in many ways, pour over, drip coffee, French press, percolator, auto drip machine, K-cup, Keurig, nespresso, espresso, cold brew, iced coffee, chemex, aeropress, moka pot, Turkish.
  • {COFFEE THAT DOES NOT NEED CREAMER} - Why is our coffee so smooth? First, we only grow Arabica beans, which are known for its amazing flavor and aroma, second, through years of developing the farm and its planting process we were able to consistently have harvest coffee beans that are high-grade and considered specialty coffee because of the quality of the coffee beans when brewed.